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Only by working closely with the experts and investing in the right research are we able to consistently evolve our product portfolio to deliver a tangible advantage for more trainers, owners and customers than ever before.

Dodson and Horrell are innovators in premium equine and canine nutrition.

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Lauren Hough, Dodson & Horrell Brand Ambassador

"I feed Staypower Muesli as it is an excellent feed for horses that require high levels of stamina whilst maintaining an even temperament. It is oat free and low in starch which provides a controlled energy release. As a result of this my horses look and feel amazing."

Staypower Muesli

Yazmin Pinchen, Dodson & Horrell Brand Ambassador

"I use Staypower Cubes with my stallion because it keeps him on a level temperament and gives him a slow release energy yet keeps his energy up enough to jump those big Grand Prix's."

Staypower Cubes

Richard Davison, Dodson & Horrell Brand Ambassador

"For our horses to perform at their best they need to be fed the best. That is why we feed D&H Competition Mix. The quick releasing carbohydrates provide the energy and power our horses need to jump at their optimum whilst the protein and electrolytes aid in their bodies recovery."

Competition Mix

Sophie Wells, Dodson & Horrell Brand Ambassador

"I love Staypower Cubes for my dressage horses. They give them the sustainable energy they need to perform to the best of their ability. The horses also love them, even my fussy eaters! I have my 6 year old all the way up to my Grand Prix horses on them, they are really a great feed."

Staypower Cubes
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